Good Morning!

Ryan Gosling once said “There’s something really profound about what he’s able to do. It’s transcendent. It’s everything.”

He was talking about Gene Wilder… but could you IMAGINE if that was about me??


My name’s Eddie. I grew up in a New Jersey suburb just across the river from Philadelphia. I was an athlete my entire childhood, and didn’t discover my passion for entertainment until my high school years.


After a less than amusing stand-up comedy set in my school’s library, I thought I’d give musical theatre a try. That path has led me to a silly and fulfilling life filled with love and art.


I firmly believe in discovering yourself as a person first, and the art will follow. Finding out what fills you with joy and using that as your driving force, I have found, is the true key to fulfillment.


I love to move, I love to laugh, and I love to learn. Take a look around, and reach out if you’d like to create together.


And in case I don’t see you – Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night!